Developing inductive Bible study skills

The intention is to multiply these avenues around the city of Kampala and beyond, considering how the forces of postmodernism and Gnosticism are growing strong and mostly unchallenged in Uganda. We believe that the battle against nominal Christianity, false teaching, and cultural relativism is only won if the believer learns to listen to the teaching of Scripture, in community.

This happens by consistently sitting under scripture’s authority. Young people must deepen their desire for, and obedience to God’s Word contextually studied and applied to culture and life.

Exegetes is a bible study group that was started by Joseph Byamukama in early 2013 out of the need for in-depth interdenominational bible study fellowship especially among young professionals in Kampala City Uganda. It meets every Monday evening for two hours.

The aim of this group is for each member to develop inductive Bible study skills, a process also known as exegesis, thus learning to listen to the text rather than bringing our subconscious cultural and experiential assumptions into the passage, what is called eisegesis. These skills developed are crucial for every believer since this is how we discern God’s will through His inerrant word.

For the first three years, the subject of study was the Gospel according to John the Apostle, and after that, the book of Job.  

we must learn to listen to the text rather than bringing our subconscious cultural and experiential biases into the passage”

Our Main Goal
main goal

Africans reaching Africans for Christ."
Byamukama JosephFounder & Team Leader

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Address: Plot 12, William Street.
P.O.Box 7312, Kampala, Uganda.
Phone: +1 (978) 473-5400 & +256 703 515 403
Email:  info@veracityfount.org

Gathering Times

Every Monday: Exegetes Bible Study 
6:30- 9 pm