Soul Care Group

We believe in praying for one another

We believe that praying for one another is essential for the Christian walk. With the pressures and questions that life poses to us every day, many people drift from the Faith they confess when they stand alone. We believe in community. We desire accountability. We think that a bond of three or four is hard to break.

Soul Care Group aims at bringing three or four people every week for an hour to pray for each other, to weep and rejoice together, to genuinely ask ‘how was your week’ and patiently take time to listen.

The Groups are organized based on gender and age, so that people facing similar temptations and life questions may hold each other’s hands and walk together. We seek to walk alongside those we trust, prayerfully. Because no man is an island, isolated believers fall easily. We do not desire people to fight the temptation in isolation or walk the journey of salvation alone. You and I have the opportunity to walk with people we can trust.

Our Main Goal
main goal

Africans reaching Africans for Christ."
Byamukama JosephFounder & Team Leader

Contact / Events

Contact info

Address: Plot 12, William Street.
P.O.Box 7312, Kampala, Uganda.
Phone: +1 (978) 473-5400 & +256 703 515 403

Gathering Times

Every Monday: Exegetes Bible Study 
6:30- 9 pm