Jessica Layado

Jessica Layado

Coordinator Soul Care Groups

Born into your typical Christian Family, Jessica Layado grew up with the knowledge of God and going through the ‘motions of Christianity’. A singer and dancer in the children’s ministry by age three and five respectively, she continued to be an ardent participant in Church ministry.

A major deviation in her later teen years caused Jess to ask questions about (her pretty boring) belief system at the time; her quest for understanding seemingly drawing her further from the truth! Little did she know God was graciously writing her story and drawing her back to Himself.

She is a firm believer in proper exegesis of the word of God and the centrality of Christ to the gospel and the life of the believer. She also has a very big heart for women and helping them find their place in Christ with the Bible being the yardstick for womanhood.

She believes in the corporate gathering of saints, but also strongly believes that people need people. God uses His people to meet each other’s needs. As a woman, Jessica has grown to appreciate the place of fellowship with other women, using the word of God to minister to each other and therefore becoming agents of change in the culture, influencing mindsets and challenging the narrative.

She is a lover of all things words; a writer, writing coach, ardent reader, poet and educator who totally enjoys a good laugh and listening to reggae music.

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main goal

Africans reaching Africans for Christ."
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