Free Resources

Free Resources


From the depths of the most nourishing of internet resources, we bring you these. Learn, enjoy, worship.

The first 34 volumes (1990–2015) of AJET (Africa Journal of Evangelical theology) are found here (note that some navigation is required):


A wealth of African journals are also in variety here:


Note especially:

The Stellenbosch Theological Journal is a “bi-annual peer-reviewed academic journal covering all aspects of theology. It was established in 1959 as the Dutch Reformed Theological Journal,” 


AJOL (African Journals Online) lists many journals, 

Some (not all) of those are open access (i.e., PDFs are accessible); notably:


AOSIS makes available a number of journals,

For your purposes, notably:


(HTS is also available at


Also see:

There is a phenomenal Christian downloads community here too . 

And one more, the digital theological library. 

Find all the Works of the Church Fathers at

For Works by Pastor John Piper, visit Desiring God.

Jesus has promised to build his church, we too can participate.  

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