"Study to show yourself approved" - 2Tim 2:15

A popular African proverb chides many here about being poor readers, noting, “if you want to hide something from an African, put it in a book.” Partly thanks to the vast information age we now live in, a lot of this theological naivety is being burst. Our library will seek to provide a physical space in advancing against this unbiblical prejudice.  

The impeccable British author saw books, ancient texts, as a gateway to learning and living, because he knew, by following Christ, the feet often follow the mind. Our library will provide resources fit for discipleship and evangelism that our churches have for long needed in their task. 


Commit to support our growing book resource base, ship a book and save a soul, stand with us to witness a legacy of renewal in the African church through the life of the mind.

Talk to us and about us about a possible book consignment or shipment, will you? 

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