Worldview Wednesday

Round-table informal conversations about faith, life, and culture.

A podcast that provides online theological content to recast contemporary Ugandan cultural conversations in light of Scripture.

Ugandans ask questions about origin, morality, meaning, and destiny. And the Bible has answers. Our call, as Christians, is to think theologically and biblically engage life’s profound questions. We are aware that everyone has a worldview, lenses through which they see the world.

Worldview Wednesday invites you to put on Christ and see the difference He makes in your world. We will not promise you heaven on earth, but heaven’s view on earth’s realities. These are constructive conversations about life– conversations that matter.

If you have been blessed by these conversations, consider supporting us through prayer. Plus, a financial gift of any amount helps us produce more of such podcasts. If you are in Uganda and you desire to give, please use our MTN Mobile Money number +256 778 503208. Thank you!

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1. Salvation

2. Ambition and christianity.

Our Main Goal
main goal

Africans reaching Africans for Christ."
Byamukama JosephFounder & Team Leader

Contact / Events

Contact info

Address: Plot 12, William Street.
P.O.Box 7312, Kampala, Uganda.
Phone: +1 (978) 473-5400 & +256 703 515 403

Gathering Times

Every Monday: Exegetes Bible Study 
6:30- 9 pm